Education (Schools)

Students and staff can only thrive within a comfortable working/learning environment. Poor air quality in schools can produce discomfort, health problems, and poor academic performance. Suboptimal ventilation can cause symptoms such as eye irritation, breathing problems, headaches, and fatigue. Bousquet takes a preventive approach with its industry-leading energy recovery that allows for a higher percentage of outside air. HVAC units used in tandem with high-efficiency filtration systems are the best way to maintain indoor air quality and thus productivity in our schools.


Design Considerations

  • Schools require the highest level of energy recovery in order to reduce operating costs.
  • High efficiency filtration is crucial within school applications to ensure indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Fan array systems are ideal for optimal energy efficiency.  Incremental motors yield lower connected electrical current and power consumption.
  • Learning environments are extremely sensitive to surrounding noise levels. The use of multiple fan arrays helps reduce radiated sound levels to the space.

Healthcare (Hospitals & Long-Term Care)

In most cases, HVAC systems are simply designed to provide comfort. However, healthcare facilities demand much more out of their HVAC needs. It’s simple: they require uncompromising air quality for staff, patients, visitors as well as caregivers. Hospital-specific features include temperature, infection, and odor control via special filtration systems, along with redundancy of critical systems and components to avoid any potentially critical downtime.


Design Considerations

  • Fan Array systems with partial or full redundancy to avoid any downtime of critical services.
  • Stainless steel interior liners and flooring paires with washdown capabilities are important for our healthcare facility HVAC systems.
  • Ultraviolent lamps are utilized to irradiate mold, bacteria and viruses, thus delivering the highest air quality to the space.
  • Along with high efficiency filtration, most medical grade HVAC units come equipped with HEPA filtration downstream of all components.  The HEPA filtration prevents the distribution of dangerous pathogens to the conditioned space.
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